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What is Floorball?

What is Floorball?
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The basic idea is to use one of these:
(a stick)

To hit one of these:
(a ball)

Into one of these:
(a goal)

As the guys are demonstrating -->

game.jpg (51261 bytes)

Floorball is an exciting new sport brought to Australia by Europeans who played the game in Sweden and Finland. Floorball is a fast paced game with three to five person teams + goalies (the IFF standard is 5 on 5 plus g, but this can be modified for social competitions), that began in early 1980s in Scandinavia. Since then, it has spread to  more than 30 official countries. More than 150,000 official players participate worldwide. It’s one of the fastest growing indoor-games in the world.

A list of the Local Rules and link to the International Rules can be found on the Rules page

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