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International Rules

The International Rules for Floorball can be found on the International Floorball Federation's (IFF) website


Local Rules

Played with small goals and five field players, no goalkeeper.

Game time
Game time will be three times 12 minutes with 3 minutes breaks between periods. The time will be running (ie. the clock doesn’t stop), except for the last three minutes of the game that will be played as effective time (stopping the clock at breaks). Each team will be allowed a one-minute timeout per game.

Start of game
The game starts with a face off. All players on their half of the field

Goals can only be scored on the attacking half ie not from your own half. If the ball hits a defender and then goes into goal it is allowed. After goal the same face off rules apply

No one is allowed to stand in the goal crease, an area 80 by 60cm in front of the goal. Offence against this results in a two minutes bench penalty

Goals are to be scored with the stick or hitting a defending player. The shot has to be from the attacking side of the field.

International rules apply for substitution

Out of bounds
If the ball goes out or is unplayable international rules for hit in applies.

International rules apply 

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