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State Championships 2002

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Fantastic opening start for the newly formed ACT Team
NSW vs Victoria
A word from the President
Australia Floorball has promising Future

Fantastic opening start for the newly formed ACT team

A fantastic premiere for the ACT at the State Championships. Canberra managed to give both NSW and Victoria some stiff resistance and were only millimetres away from scoring several goals. With the rink stuck in traffic and nearly caught up in the Mittagong bushfires the first game between NSW and Canberra had to be played on small goals and a provisional rink. It took the ACT team a couple of changes before they got into the game and the initial nerves were evident when changing line-ups. The skill and expertise displayed by the New South Welshmen proved too much for the ACT team and the score ended 0-7. The ACT team though, put up a great resistance and the score not reflecting the true intensity of the game. Team Captain Danielsson had two shots which hit the NSW goal posts and several of the other players came very close to scoring as well. With a bit more cooperation from Lady Luck the score could very well have been 7-4. The Australian Floorball Association representatives on the NSW team, gave a positive response to the ACT team and could see several promising players that the will keep their eyes on for the 2004 World Cup.

"We have never in the years of Floorball in Australia seen such a promising team of newcomers" says AFA President Leif Martiskin referring to the ACT Team and the short time they have had to prepare for the game

Once the rink arrived and was set up the game between ACT and Victoria commenced. ACT managed to keep the visitors at bay for over half the game in a close and intense game with every player on the ACT team giving their best. It was evident that the Victorians were shaken by the performance of the ACT team and the game not being the stroll in the park they had envisioned. Toward the end of the game the Victorian team proved too much for the ACT team and the game ended 0-6. Bearing in mind that the ACT Team had just played NSW and that the Victorian team had several national players and was reinforced with overseas players nothing else was to be expected.

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The Team that competed at the recent State Championships.

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NSW versus Victoria

A Very tight game with the game swinging back and forward several times and not decided until the final seconds. The game started with NSW taking an early lead through a great solo rush from Scott O’Brien, cutting in in front of the Victoria goal and placing the ball behind the goalkeeper. Yet another goal from a fresh Scott not having played the ACT team brought the NSW team to a 2 nil lead. From there on though the Victorians put on a good performance and not only managed to catch up with NSW but even take the lead. At this stage the Victorian’s looked the better team with some excellent play from several individuals. Then the emotions got flowing and the referee had no choice but to send people from both teams of for roughing. With only minutes left of the game NSW once again took the lead, a lead they managed to keep to the end despite Victoria taking out their goal keeper replacing him with a sixth field player. The final score was 5 to 4 in NSW’s favour. This was a well deserved win with the NSW playing a more tactical game than the Victorians and managing to keep their heads cool in a tight, intense game. The New South Wales goalkeeper Marc Hingston deserves a special mention. Not only did he help his on team to victory but also put an quite a display helping the ACT against Victoria keeping the goal ball free for such a long time.
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A word from the president

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players and officials for the effort they put in to the game making it such a great success for Canberra. What a remarkable result considering none of the players had even heard about Floorball ten weeks ago let alone played the game.

I believe that Canberra Floorball has got off to an excellent start and the coming season looks very promising with a lot of exciting games ahead as interest throughout the region is booming.
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Australia Floorball has promising future

2003 looks very promising with NSW, Victoria, ACT, and Western Australia well established and with South Australia, Tasmania and NT closely behind.
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