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The Semi Final match ups always looked like they were going to provide an interesting result. Both games were among the fastest for the season. What eventuated was the furthest thing from anyone’s expectations.

The first Semi final was between the 2nd placed Aerials and 3rd placed Panthers. The last time these two teams met the result was a Panthers win (12-6). The speed and aggression that has typified the Panthers this season was what got them over the line in that game, would it be sufficient this time as well?

The first period saw the Aerials open up with 3 quick goals. The panthers to their credit were able to slow the Ericsson Juggernaut and also score a goal of their own. However the sign seemed to be that the Aerials would have the opportunity to defend their title. Aerials 3-1.

The second period was a completely different game. The panthers stepped up the speed and caught the Aerials flat footed on more than one occasion. Greg Koster was on fire as spun his way through the Aerials defence for a handful of goals. Panthers 5-4.

At the start of the final period the Aerials knew that this was their final, and they would need to slow the game down to their own speed so that they could dictate terms. Unfortunately the Panthers would have none of this and out scored them in the final period to make the Grand final in their first season as a team.

PANTHERS 9 (Greg Koster 5g 1a, Matt Mullins 2g 4a, Tim Ellem 1g 0a, Dan Street 1g 0a, Damien Harris 0g 1a)
AERIALS 7 (Mikeal Eklholm 3g 0a, Torgny Wilhelmsson 1g 0a, Ken Rylander 1g 3a, Marika Wasserman 1g 0a, Per Bjorknert 1g 1a, Lars Ling 0g 1a)

At the start of the season the two teams in the Second Semi were considered by some to be traditional rivals, and after the match on Sunday, there will be no question about it. The previous two games between the Spartans and the Vikings saw the latter victorious both time with an identical score line of 9-8.

The Vikings were out of the blocks early, scoring 2 goals in the first few minutes of the period. A groan could almost be heard from the Spartan bench. However to their credit, the Spartans were able to get the next few goals to go into the first break leading. Spartans 3-2

The second period began like the first, with 2 quick goals to the Vikings to regain the lead. The speed of the game then picked up and it was goal for goal with neither team really gaining a strangle hold. Vikings 6-5.

The final period saw the Vikings slowly losing their grip on the game. The Spartans were able to get 2 early goals, countering what had occurred in the previous two periods. The Vikings then hit back with a goal to have scores level at 7 all. However it was to be their last goal for the period as the Spartan keeper Chris Borjarski stopped everything else that came his way. The Spartans then put on 3 goals to finish up in their 3 consecutive Grand final.

SPARTANS 10 (Peter Campbell 5g 3a, Nathan Mitchell 2g 1a, Mat Benfield 2g 1a, Will McDade 1g 0a)
VIKINGS 7 (Hakan Lyngsjo 2g 2a, Emma Jamieson 2g 0a, Clinton Teh 1g 1a, Chris Frieman 1g 0a, Rebecca Neligan 1g 0a, Caitlin Loftus 0g 1a)

This means that the finals will see the 3rd Vs 4th. The Spartans have the chance to be the reining Autumn and Spring champions. The Panthers have the chance to have bragging rights on a 100% success rate.

As for the 3rd place play off, it is a disappointing end for both the Aerials and the Vikings, who played so well during the season. However, the game between them promises to very entertaining one.

Grand Final  SUNDAY 2nd Feb 2003
4.30pm  3rd place playoff: Aerials V Vikings
6.00pm  Grand Final: Spartans V Panthers

Hope to see you all there!

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