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Melbourne Floorball League - Rnd 7

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Before I get started, I want to make everyone aware that the MFL is holding a Christmas Raffle which will consist of a basket of various Chocolates. The tickets will be available on both Sundays, and we are asking that all players and supporters try to sell as many as possible to help the sport develop in Victoria.

Round 7

The first game was between the undermanned Stingas with only one line and an equally undermanned Panthers, who required extra players. The first period saw the Stingas draw first blood as the fill in goalkeeper for the Panthers (Spartans captain Will McDade) was still getting use to the fill in role. Greg Koster did a little magic, but the fast break for the Stingas little men saw them go into the break 10-3 up.

The second period the Panthers started to play with more purpose. Captain Matthew Mullins constantly revving up his troops to see them close the gap to 10-7 early in the period with the help of Spartan Chris Borjarski (playing on the field). However, Ben Monkton was on fire, and connected with everything that Warren Mazurek and David Hammond put in front of him. The lead unchanged as the Stings went to the final break 15-8.

The final period saw Greg Koster again literally spin some magic, with a goal the result. This period was probably the closest it had been al game, with only 4 goals in total scored by both teams. Again the Stingas able to maintain their lead, and win the game 19-10.

STINGAS 19 (Ben Monkton 7g 3a, David Hammond 4g 1a, Warren Mazurek 3g 5a, Damien Monkton 3g 2a, Shane Jamieson 0g 2a, Panthers 2 own goals)
PANTHERS 10 (Greg Koster 7g 2a, Matthew Mullins 3g 1a, Tim Ellem 0g 1a, Will McDade 0g 1a)

The second game was much anticipated due to the return to form that the Spartans had made against the top of the table Vikings. Unfortunately, it did not materialise in the first period. The Aerials had an answer for almost all of the Spartans attacks, and their counter attacks lead by Captain Mikael Eklholm and Peter Palmquist put the Spartan goal keeper Chris Borjarski under great pressure. Aerials 7-2.

The second period saw the much of the same from not only the first period, but the game last week as well. The Aerials were teaming together beautifully, with all of their 2nd period goals coning from assists. It also marked the First Goal by Marika Wasserman in the competition. Everything was going the Aerials way; they even managed to score while Mikeal Friberg was on the bench for illegal use of this head. Aerials 13-4.

The final period saw the Spartans try almost everything to be able to score. It still proved unsuccessful and the Aerials went on to claim their 6 straight period win in a row and the top of the table position with a massive 51 goal difference. It looks as if Minor premiers will come down to the Round 9 match against the Vikings.

AERIALS 18 (Lars Ling 8g 2a, Mikeal Eklholm 5g 2a, Peter Palmquist 3g 6a, Marika Wasserman 1g 2a, Per Bjorknert 1g 0a, Mikael Friberg 0g 2a 2 min pen)
SPARTANS 6 (Peter Campbell 3g 0a, Mat Benfield 1g 1a, Nathan Mitchell 1g 2a, Will McDade 1g, 0a, Sarah Rist 0g 1a)

Ladder   P W D L B Pts F A Diff
Aerials 6 5   1 1 15 82 31 51
Vikings 5 5   0 1 15 41 26 15
Stingas 6 2   4 1 6 43 68 -25
Panthers 5 1   4 1 3 33 40 - 7
Spartans 6 1   4 1 3 33 68 -35

Round 8


4.30pm  Aerials V Panthers
6.00pm  Stingas V Vikings

Duty Team: Spartans

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