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Melbourne Floorball League - Rnd 6 2002

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Before I begin the Round 6 wrap up, I must apologise to Andrew Cathie and the Panthers. Due to a recording error, his goal was actually down as an assist, making the score 11-1 in their match against the Spartans.

Which brings us to round 6. The first match saw what could only be described as a “new” Spartans team up against the undefeated Vikings. Many believed that on recent performances it was going to be a slaughter. How wrong that assumption was.

To say this game was fast was an understatement, with both teams constantly turning their lines over, looking for fresh legs. The first period started as no would have expected with a lead to the Spartans of 2-0. However the Vikings are a class side, and were able to peg them back to go into the first break level at 2-2.

The second period saw the Spartans come out hard and again score the first 2 goals of the period. The Vikings then called on their Imports to step up to the line and produce the goods. And produce they did. The best was a half court shot by Chris Friemann that only those on the bench behind him were able to follow in to the top right corner of the goal.

The Vikings should have scored more, however some brave charges from his goals saw Spartan Goalkeeper Chris Borjarski cut down many Viking fast breaks were there were 2 forwards against only him. A late goal to the Spartans saw the period again finish with the scores level at the break 5-5.

The final period had the crowd wondering, who would fall over first. The pace of this game had not been seen so far this season, not even the first time these two teams met in round 1. The Vikings pulled away to a 9-5 lead early, but the Spartans applied pressure and it began to pay off, specifically in the form of a contender for goal of the year which saw 4 quick cross court passes end up in a Peter Campbell goal. Unfortunately it was not enough, and the score line from round 1 was repeated, Vikings home 9-8.

VIKINGS 9 (Chris Freimann 3g 2a, Kim Snowden 3g 0a, Ville Peltomaki 1g 2a 2 min pen, Clinton Teh 1g 0a, Rebecca Neligan 1g 0a, Steeve Woolcock 0g 1a)
SPARTANS 8 (Peter Campbell 2g 1a, Mat Benfield 2g 0a, Rob Stagg 2g 0a, Will McDade 1g, 1a, Nathan Mitchell 1g 1a, Sarah Rist 0g 2a)

The second game of Round 6 saw an undermanned Stingers team up against the Aerials. The first period saw many of the juniors from Pakenham getting a run with great support by Australian Rep David Smith. Unfortunately the experience for the Aerials proved to be too much and the first period closed with the Aerials in a commanding position 7-2.

The second period saw the Stingers try and play with a more structured formation, which was only able to slow the Aerials to 5 gaols for the period. Lars Ling and Mikeal Ekholm were having a day out as they teamed together to score all of the goals for the period. Aerials 12-3.

In the final period, the Stingers again tried to contain the Aerials rather than beat them. There were flashbacks of the last time these two teams met in Round 1 when the Aerials won 22-3. The Stingers were clearly focusing on making sure that did not happen again. To their credit they were able to achieve this, however the Aerials had another 7-goal period. A positive to come from the match was the junior Ben Monkton, who through reading the play and positioning himself well was able to score 3 of the Stingers 4 goals.

AERIALS 19 (Mikeal Ekholm 7g 4a, Lars Ling 6g 4a 2 min pen, Ken Rylander 3g 3a, Daniel Alhstrom 3g 1a, Per Bjorknert 0g 1a)
STINGERS 4 (Ben Monkton 3g 0a, Clare Duncan 1g 1a, Damien Monkton 0g 1a)

Ladder P W L B Pts F A Diff
Vikings 5 5 0 1 15 41 26 15
Aerials 5 4 1 1 12 64 25 39
Panthers 4 1 3 1 3 23 21 2
Spartans 5 1 4 1 3 27 50 -23
Stingers 5 1 4 1 3 24 58 -34

Round 7 THIS SUNDAY (1st DECEMBER 2002)
4.30pm Stingers Vs Panthers
6.00pm Spartans Vs Aerials

Duty Team: Vikings

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