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22/01/03 - France new member

The French National Floorball and Unihockey Association has been granted provisional membership of IFF as member 31.

10/01/03 - IFF Vision

"To become the true efficient governing body of an internationally recognised sport, played on five continents with over 50 members before year 2012 and have participated in one or more international multi-sport events (IWGA - World Games, FISU - Universiade). To be recognised by the IOC before the year 2006 and to be an Olympic sport before year 2020."

09/01/03 - A word from the AFA President

2002 has been a very good growth year for Floorball in Australia and I would like to see this continue in 2003 with bringing new States into the fold of the AFA. Increase the confidence in the AFA of managing, developing and promoting Floorball in Australia.

The AFA is committed to developing sports programs for the introduction and promotion of Floorball in schools and also for youth, community and corporate groups.

2003 is our biggest chance to push Floorball into the spotlight of Australian sport. We will be looking towards the States to work hard on the bottom up approach of building strong foundations at junior level and continue to develop them through their future sporting years.

Kevan Lyons,
Australian Floorball Association

31/10/02 - Georgia New Member

The Georgian Floorball Association has been granted provisional membership of IFF as member 30.

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18/10/02 - Canberra Floorball Club to participate in State Championships game in the ACT

The Canberra Floorball team is to participate in a development game at the State Championship between NSW and Vic in Canberra.


18/10/02 - AFA AGM date set for November 10th

The Australian Floorball Associations Annual General Meeting is to be held in Canberra in conjunction with the State Championship

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