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03Q1 - Series Format and Rules

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For this first occurrence there will be 4 teams competing to become ACT champions. Before the series start each team captain will be briefed on the rules and series form.

As part of the series a team not playing will perform the duties of the secretariat, keeping time, noting down time of goals, penalties, etc.

Each team will nominate a team captain. The team captain is the only player allowed discussing with the referees.

Any disputes, protests and match penalties to be decided by the CFA

Series format

The teams will play each other twice. The winning team will get three points and the losing team zero. In the case of a draw at full time the game is extended with another 8 minutes or first goal scored known as sudden death. The first team to score wins the game and receives two points. The losing team gets one point. If the game is undecided after the extension penalty shots will determine the outcome. Each team shooting five penalty shots each. The final score will be one more for the winning team ie if the score at full time was 3-3 the final result will be 4-3. If a team doesn’t turn up or if less than three players turn up the other team will win the game with 5-0. If during the game one team gives up, have less than three players, or in any other way is not able to complete the game the other team wins with 5-0 or with standing score whichever is more advantageous. If a team is unable to perform their secretariat function a two points penalty will apply. Since teams and officials are expected to turn up before the start of the game the late arrival rule will apply dead on starting time.

Determining the series winner

When determining the position in the series the following rules apply. The team with most points wins. If two teams have got equal points the team with the biggest difference in for and against goals wins. If still equal the team that have scored most goals win. If still equal the games between the two teams will determine the winner applying the above rules. If still equal the team scoring the earliest goal(s) will be the winner.

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